Our Work is Featured in View Camera Magazine.

Steve Simmons contacted us for inclusion in the March/April 2013 issue of View Camera magazine.
We are very happy to be included in a magazine that features the more eclectic work of Ansel Adams. The portrait of Gerogia O’Keefe on the cover is a beauty.

View Camera Magazine – 03/04/2013

The model featured is Bad Charlotte
Her Tumblr page is here
Fan Page here

Beautiful Decay Feature

Kathryn Mayo and Doug Winter, a husband and wife photography team based in Sacramento, collaborate with their models to create vintage portraits, seemingly of the past, using the traditional wet plate collodion process. This type of photography was born in the 1850s, but soon faded from the foreground, due to the proliferation of more practical, less time consuming processes involving dry gelatin emulsion. However, in today’s fast-paced iPhone app culture, where formatting is clean, easy, and instantaneous, ironically, the slow painstaking process is exactly what this artistic pair prefer about collodion. Mayo elaborates, “Each image takes about 15-20 minutes to complete from focusing the camera, coating and sensitizing the plate, exposing, and processing. So, models need to have patience as not each image comes out perfect, and it takes a few to get one we like–sometimes, there are times when the chemistry isn’t working up to par and we don’t get anything at all.” Regardless of outcome, their passion is not just about product, but discovery and investigation. Mayo continues, “I love the idea of using a process steeped in history and with the ghosts of photographers who have come before me. It is a process that is wholly addicting.”

Wet Plate Collodion Negitive Workshop with Quinn Jacobson

We attended the Studio Q workshop this weekend and made some really exciting progress in our goal to become true collodionists/photographers.  Quinn Jacobson is such an inspirational teacher and a really great person who is very positive and full of encouragement.  This workshop and the three days spent with Quinn at Studio Q was a life changing event.